Privacy Policy

url2drive is a public service provided for the greater good. Privacy of the users are very important to us. Please review this privacy policy in order to understand how your Google Drive account is used in this service. This policy may change in future without any prior notice. However you may get notified about such changes by following @asfmapps on twitter.

Use of Google Drive Account

url2drive uses Google Drive Account of it's users to provide their required file with greater speed. We will never share any of your data retrieved from your Google Drive Account with any third party.
What data do we collect?

Cookie and Request Headers

In order to successfully retrieve the required file, we have to create same request to the URL of the file as the one you would create. To create such same request we collect the request headers and cookies used in request created by the Android Application.

Life Time of your data in our server

The data stated above are only stored in the server till the request is successfully completed. As soon as the request is completed, all of your data from server are deleted.


You may see occasional Ads in our service provided by Google AdMob and AdSense. For more details please log on to https://www.google.com/admob and https://www.google.com/adsense/